Whether you’re considering doing it yourself or hiring a contractor, you may be wondering how to install siding. More specifically, you may want to add insulation under your new siding when it is installed to make your home more energy efficient, and are unsure how that will change the installation steps. The United States Department of Energy even says “when new siding is to be installed, it is a good idea to consider adding thermal insulation under new siding.”*

Siding products can have different installation instructions depending on the particular product being installed, so always be sure to follow your manufacturers instructions for your specific siding. Below are written instructions for how to install vinyl siding, fiber cement siding and other siding products over contoured and flat foam insulation products made by Progressive Foam. Click on the images below to access the instructions.

How to Install Vinyl Siding with Contoured Insulation


Vinyl siding with insulation that is dropped-in?behind the siding when it is installed.


Insulated siding with insulation that is adhered to the siding during the manufacturing process.

How to Install Fiber Cement Siding with Contoured Insulation

(and other plank-style sidings, like composite wood)


Siding insulation that is installed on the wall prior to the siding.

How to Install Any Siding with Our Flat Insulation Products


How to install any siding over our?insulating sheathing with built-in
moisture mangement system


How to install any siding over our
professional-grade fanfold insulation

Note: No written manual can anticipate all the situations that might arise during installation. Recognizing this, we recommend that you contact our Sales Support Group at 800-860-3626 if you encounter an installation situation not covered in our detailed manuals.


*Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Insulation Fact Sheet, 2008
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